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>My Christmas Wish

>So, Little Stevie Smith has been called up for the Boxing day test to replace My Lord NMH should he not be fit.

My Lord has a groin injury.

It would be so easy to claim that my dearest Christmas wish had come to fruition and that I am somehow responsible for the sore groin.

How I wish it were true, but sadly it’s not.

Sigh …

Forget my Amazon wishlist; forget all the hints I’ve been dropping; I want one of these for Christmas:

Please, Santa …?

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7 comments on “>My Christmas Wish

  1. Purna
    December 25, 2009

    >What did you do to him Sid?!

  2. missfieldisoffside
    December 26, 2009

    >He really is kinda cute, ya know.

  3. Sidthegnomenator
    December 26, 2009

    >And I promise to look after him, I'll feed him and walk him every day. I know an offy is not just for Christmas :-)

  4. Lou
    December 26, 2009

    >Very nice photo of him, he is cute, and amongst the idiots of the bowling attack, always seems like he has a brain as well!

  5. Wes
    December 26, 2009

    >What Lou says :D And blue suits him well."I know an offy is not just for Christmas :-)"ROFL

  6. >And love him and hug him and kiss him and play with him and make him score 75 on nightwatchman duty.

  7. Sidthegnomenator
    December 27, 2009

    >That worked a treat, didn't it?I won't be happy with anything less than 100 next time though.

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This entry was posted on December 24, 2009 by in semi-naked Nathan Hauritz.
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