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>Operation … blah blah bliddy blah

>Well, it is done. Can’t say I’m in the mood for humour or dissection of what happened, but the time will come. Suffice it to say, we were totally outplayed.

So, what now? Do we have a total overhaul? Is it that the selectors are going with the wrong players for the wrong reasons or is Australia just having a talent drought lately?

What do you think?

Us playing awful, of course, is not to take away from England. They were on form in most areas and stumbled only on a pitch that they weren’t used to. They deserve credit all round. It’s not easy to come down under and emerge victorious, especially with hundreds of drunk blokes swearing at you. Only a few England captains have done it.

So, well done England. A victory well deserved.

P.S. I have already been told I have sour grapes for daring to say England’s fielding was poor on occasion (after spending 15 minutes saying that England deserved the win and that we were generally rubbish, especially our batting). So: England were perfect, they did everything exactly right and made absolutely no mistakes at all.


Me, either.

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10 comments on “>Operation … blah blah bliddy blah

  1. sunny
    December 29, 2010

    >Don't feel for dissections right now either.First Aus and now SA…Time we had a good cry together. :(

  2. Sidthegnomenator
    December 29, 2010

    >And let's not forget the arseholes making things worse. One has been on Ian's blog claiming England never deserted their team in all the bad years. I know for a fact that is crap – I lived here during a lot of that!

  3. Adrian
    December 29, 2010

    >It hurts a lot. Perhaps worse than 2005, because you always knew we'd take them back with the team we had. That is not so here. In the interests of starting a discussion, can I moot the following changes for Sydney?1. Watson (after some coaching on how not to run out your opening partner just as he looks like making a good score)2. Hughes (there may be something there worth fostering)3. Khawaja (tough call to bring him in and put him there in his first Test, but it's his home ground – really, selectors, I swear – and no-one else comes to mind)4. Ponting (though he could stay at 3 and have Khawaja at 4 if the previous ground seems strong enough; I suspect also that Punter's pride won't accept loss of captaincy and his place in the order at the same time: see below)5. Clarke or Hussey (see below)6. Haddin (captain notwithstanding the previous option) 7. Smith (there is something there, in my view)8. O'Keefe 9. Siddle10. Hazelwood (if fit)11. Starc or Pattinson (if fit)On the batting, the Clarke or Hussey call at No. 5 would be a hard one, but it seems to me that the selectors have to have an eye on the future, and Clarke is a marginally better bet in those terms. The bowling choices might also appear harsh, as Johnson destroyed the Poms only one Test back, and Hilfy has been economical throughout the series. But can we afford another, increasingly likely, wayward effort from Mitch the headcase, and Hilfy going without wickets for session after session? I think not.In short, and though there are a lot of changes here (so some of them could be argued away on that ground alone), this is an opportunity to rebuild and remodel the team, and substantially. We did it (I think) in 1986-7 for the Sydney Test after being marauded in Melbourne. Time to do so again. This team has had its chance since 2007, and has slowly declined. Time for another one.There are also good grounds for considering the positions of several of the administrative and support staff. The selectors have been a bit strange, frankly, as Sid has argued several times, and both the batting and bowling coaches need to defend the steady decline in their charges' form since 2008. But this post has gone on long enough.One final thing; sorry for not including Haury, Sid, but it's the turn of the next generation. I would perhaps consider him instead of O'Keefe for the Sydney Test, but I want the younger spinner encouraged and told that he's considered to be a national prospect. It seemed to work in the late 80s, it could work – mutatis mutandis, of course – again here.

  4. Sidthegnomenator
    December 29, 2010

    >"It seemed to work in the late 80s, it could work – mutatis mutandis, of course – again here."And it worked so well with Doherty, didn't it?Hauritz's experience and record at Sydney should give him a chance at Sydney. O'Keefe – who I do like – should get his chance but not now. Now it's time for the Nathanator!Otherwise, decent side. Brave leaving out Johnson, but it makes sense. Hussey or Clarke? My heart will go with Hussey every time, but my brain suspects selectors will go with the captain-in-waiting.

  5. Craig
    December 29, 2010

    >Can Pattinson play for Oz considering he played that one test for England?Does the time qualification (See Ed Joyce) count for tests or just one dayers etc?Also, leaving Hauritz out was a big mistake. We all know this, it was justifiable perhaps for the first test but he's shown his form. Until someone better comes along, he has to play IMO.Johnson…just can't play for a good while until he shows continous form. Send him over here for a bit. He's like a extreme form of Anderson, when he's good – he's awesome. When he's bad, even I'm better.The selectors need a clear 3-4yr minimum plan of identifying young players, blooding them but keeping enough sensibility around them. Much as England have done (and I believe India as well, though I'm willing to be corrected on that front) which has paid dividends. It may take time, but it needs to be put into place asap as we don't want Oz to go the way of WI.And as for not deserting England…depends on the context of the comment Sid. Have true cricket fans stopped watching, reading (getting to games when I can ****ing afford it) – I would say no. But thats the same the world over.Have we (and the press every chance they get) ripped into them when its been needed?? -ohhhh yes. Sometimes deservedly, sometimes not.Still, one more game to go, series win is the target, not a draw!(I've not even written that much at work today :P )

  6. Sidthegnomenator
    December 29, 2010

    >I don't know why, but Blogger put you in spam, Craig – thank goodness for email updates.Anyway, you've made my point – getting annoyed with your team when they are doing crap is the same the world over, as is the media hammering them. Do true fans go to tests? I was in Leeds last year when these true fans were storming out of headingley and spitting on the ground because their team was losing.This guy was claiming that stuff never NEVER (his use of capitals) happens with England fans. What a load of crap.Here's the comment, since it "depends on the context of the comment, Sid":Guys – back in England we are astonished not at the score or at Ponting's outburst borne out of frustration. No, we are amazed at how the Aussie supporter has deserted their team when they need them the most. Yes we English are enjoying our long awaited moment in the sun; but, in all those years, we NEVER abandoned our team. Never. You should be proud of Hussey too.I think I was most offended by the implication that we don't appreciate Hussey, like I don't get on the ground every morning and praise God he exists.And then make fun of his age :-)

  7. likeatracerbullet
    December 29, 2010

    >There is no shame in losing, as long as the losing team gave it their best shot. having said that, i can't imagine an aussie team going down without a fight. England are one of the better teams in the world right now, and given their planning and preparation, they deserve the series. in contrast, there was too much chopping and changing, right at the onset of the ashes for australia, betraying total panic.No reason to totally despair. Not too long ago, England were in the same position that Australia is currently in. The need of the hour is someone like Greg Chappell/Mark Taylor/Steve Waugh, to take over as chief selector, identify a core of youngsters to build the team around, while retaining some experienced campaigners.As for Ponting, I feel that he deserves to go out on his own terms instead of getting sacked; but for that he needs to identify the time he will leave the game and hopefully that will be sooner than later, for his own sake. Get someone like White or D Hussey to captain for a while, while promising players are identified and given a good run. within two years, Australia will have a stable team, which will start to win again. Remember, England were in tatters, in 2006. Since then, the right men were appointed to key positions and players were groomed well. thats the need of the hour. i hope someone is listening!

  8. Adrian
    December 29, 2010

    >Sid, I was never really sure what the point was with Doherty. At 28 he was not really an investment in youth in the way the 1986-7 shake-up was, or the way my final paragraph was suggesting. But I could have made that clearer.You're right about Haury. On reflection I'd put him in for O'Keefe (or maybe Smith?), in addition because otherwise we'd have a very inexperienced bowling attack.Craig, it's James Pattinson, not Darren, I'm talking about.

  9. Craig
    December 29, 2010

    >Ah, I knew he had a little bro, doing quite well I believe?Sid, in that case, the guy is an idiot. I don't get people who walk out of a game though, no matter the sport. You've paid for the ticket, get all the use out of it :PWhy is he writing like he's talking to the Times as well :POh, and as a Ginger, I'm automatically spam :D

  10. Sidthegnomenator
    December 30, 2010

    >It was a really arse-holic comment, wasn't it? I'm glad you see my point. I think it's easy to claim england fans are whiter-than-white when you're winning, but the reality is that we all get a bit annoyed when our team is losing.@liketracerbullet – I hope someone is listening as well. There really shouldn't be any shame in losing, but we find it so hard when we went through that invincible period so recently. Anyway, let's hope we don't have to get used to losing too often!@Adrian – I like O'Keefe and think his time will come, but for now if anyone deserves a shot at Sydney, it's Hauritz. I hope he gets it and I hope he kicks arse. If cricinfo has the squad right today, though, he ain't in it. Neither is Ponting …

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