Caring for your golf shoes

Golf equipment requires proper care and maintenance so that it can always function well and fully during a golf game. Such is the case with golf shoes as well.

Because golf shoes help the golfer in his game, it is therefore important to know the ways on how the golfer can take care of his footwear. With proper maintenance, golf shoes can continue to provide protection from the weather as well as ensure balance and stability during a game.

Here are some ways to keep your shoes in shape:

Manufacturers strongly advise switching of shoes between rounds. Maintaining and rotating two pairs of golf footwear will make the shoes last far longer – more than twice a single pair’s life. Switching also helps the shoes dry naturally.

Using shoe horns is advised when putting on golf shoes. Shoe horns are cheap, they protect the heel counter and they help you avoid blisters and discomfort.

GolfAfter each round, it is important to wipe off excess grass, dirt and residue with a wet towel. Wiping them off prevents your shoes from acquiring stains. The grass and the dirt should be fully removed from the outsoles of leather soles. Using leather oil on leather soles is very much advised. After wiping the dirt, it is helpful to take a dry rag so that you do not end up putting wet rags in your locker.

Properly storing the shoes in room temperature is also important. It is not advisable to leave your golf shoes in shoe bags for storage.

Polishing or waxing shoes once a month keeps them in shape and your co-players will of course notice.

Applying crème helps in maintaining the condition of leather shoes. Of course, white shoe crème is needed for white-based shoes, while it is better to use a combination of shoe crème for black leather shoes. For those who own a pair of suede shoes, a liquid cleaner and a brush should be used to clean in the direction of the nap. Afterwards, brush against the direction of the nap to achieve the original look and feel.

While golf footwear should best be waterproof, there might be instances when your shoes will become excessively soaked. When that happens, placing crumpled newspaper inside the shoes for eight to ten hours will soak up the excess water. After you have removed the newspaper, replace it with a cedar shoe tree. The cedar shoe tree will bring the shoe back to shape and absorb the remaining water. Air-dry your shoes afterwards. Using a hair dryer or putting them in a radiator will damage the leather.

Shoe trees should also be placed in your shoes if you will not be playing for two weeks or more. Aside from keeping the shoes in shape, they will also maintain the shoes’ comfort. Shoe trees also help reduce creasing and maintain elasticity.

When playing golf, checking your spikes regularly can help you see if your shoes are still capable of providing enough support and grip strength. Plastic grips get easily worn so changing spikes every two months is advised for those who play twice or thrice a year in rough terrain.

One of the most crucial must-do’s in caring for golfing footwear is to make regular, thorough checks. When shopping for shoes, you might also want to check for golf shoe maintenance kits as some stores offer them. Even though caring for your shoes might seem a bit difficult and time-consuming, you shouldn’t hesitate to take good care of them as doing so is the only way to ensure that they’ll remain functional for years and even decades.