Reasons Why You Need a Chat Service For Your Website

Many online consumers feel like they need assistance from a live person while they are shopping online. Sometimes, information in web sites can be a little lacking.


Other customers are just plain lazy. Whatever the case may be, having a chat service for website will significantly improve your customers’ online browsing and shopping experience.


Live chat is convenient.

chatCustomers are already shopping online for a reason. They have already had a bad day at work or at school. They are exhausted. The house is warm and comforting. They missed lying on their bed and browsing the internet using their laptop. The last thing they want to do now is to go outside and part with their money. Online shopping is becoming more popular because of its convenience. With a chat service for website, businesses will be able to provide customers with immediate assistance that was once only possible for shopping in real life. Customers appreciate this feature. According to a study conducted by Forrester Research, forty-four percent of online customers think that one of the most important features a web site can offer is having their questions answered by a live person even in the middle of an online purchase. A chat service also provides shorter waiting time compared to an email or a call. For customers, waiting for assistance is annoying and a waste of time, especially on the phone. It is undoubtedly much easier for customers to multitask while waiting for assistance over chat. Unlike in phone calls where you have to dial a string of numbers correctly to get through, there is very little chance of messing up in chat.

Live chat saves money.

save moneySince getting help is much easier and faster when there is chat service, customers are more likely to get the product they need. They are less likely to waste money on the wrong products. Customers will thank businesses for this. An online survey even found out that 63% of customers are more likely to return to a website that offers live chat, and 62% of those are more likely to purchase from a business with a chat service for website. Customers are also free from additional call charges since all that is required for chat service is an active internet connection.

Live chat provides immediate access to customers’ pain points.

immediate accessThere will always be room for improvement when it comes to customers. Very few people are really fully satisfied with anything. Needs that are yet to be fulfilled or frustrations that are yet to be addressed are called the customers’ pain points. Normally, people will rant about bad or lacking service and products in social media. This is why the social media is considered a gold mine for pain points. Another, faster way a business can tap into their customers’ pain points is by way of live chat. For businesses, it will save the trouble of digging through the unnecessary clutter in social media. It will also make customers feel like they are being heard. It is a win-win situation.

Live chat is useful for people who are not comfortable with phone calls.

phonecalls chat
Businesswoman is using a smart phone on footbridge

Given a choice, there are those who will prefer to not make or answer a phone call. Some people prefer sending inquiries to through e-mail rather thanby phone. Of course, the former has many disadvantages. Sometimes, e-mails do not arrive to their destination. There is also a certain amount of waiting time for inquiries sent by e-mail. A chat service for website will make it easier for people who are not fond of phone calls to have access to assistance as well.